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Razorina by Gummibearboy Razorina by Gummibearboy
Andie Opherrocker AKA Razorina

Alaxandra Opherrocker was a misunderstood girl with a split personality that no one could quite fathom. In truth, she wasn't supposed to be a single girl at all, but twins. Unfortunately, only one baby was born and two very different minds were forced to share one body. After 17 years of constant internal bickering, Alaxandra Opherrocker decided to split her own personality...with an ax. What resulted are the poltergeist twins, Allie and Andie.

Andie is the cold and calculating sister, with a sharp intellect and a short temper. She has many skills but emoting like a human is not one of them. She has the power to take any object and imbue it with spectral energy with the purpose of turning it into a weapon. In her hands a butter-knife or a small piece of metal can become a flaming sword or ghostly energy, or a stick of wood could become a lance.

When both sisters hold hands and say the name, "Alaxandra," they can merge once again into a single being...the tempestuous, mad ghost named AlAXandra!
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June 27, 2008
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